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Corporate Business Whitbread Plc are keen to have me offering on site Indian Head Massages for their staff

Corporate Massage: Revitalising Indian Head Treatments In The Office


Friday 21st October 10-4pm: Oakley House, Houghton Regis
Friday 28th October 12-5pm: Whitbread Court H.O, Dunstable


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Expansion into the Corporate World: As you may be aware Nature To Nurture has always keenly attended events – from open-air festivals such as Wilderness & the Camden Mela to pamper evenings for local causes like the Rennie Grove Hospice & national charities like the NCT Bumps & Babies Festival. Recently though I have been expanding my interests into the corporate & business world with on-site massage to reinvigorate hard-working office employees.

So October sees me starting my venture at Whitbread Plc: corporate home to brands such as Costa Coffee (much as I love herbal tea it would be rude not to take up the offer of free coffee on site!), hotels Premier Inn & the new urban hotel venture Hub by Premier InnBeefeater & Taybarns restaurants, & pub chains such as Brewers Fayre & Table Table. I am more than happy to be offering easy on-site massage for them at two locations in Bedfordshire including their head office in Dunstable.


Just look at the posture that can result from computer work

Desk-Based Corporate & Office Work

It has been 4 years since I left the Corporate world of BP Plc & my own office-based career in Accounts & Finance. After 11 years I well remember long hours hunched over a desk staring at a computer screen. Just a look at the photo above shows the typical ‘C-shaped spinal’ posture that can result.


Corporate Problems: Working in an office at a desk-based job can cause a variety of issues

Even with the correct ergonomic desk set-up many of my office-based clients complain of neck & shoulder aches; low back pain; issues with legs, knees & feet from long hours of sitting; & arm, wrist & hand repetitive strain injuries which naturally occurs with all that typing.

Chances are of course that it might not even be your own desk: many of my clients report that they are hot-desking, travelling between office sites & sitting where they can. Hours can be long – some of my clients work as long as 15-16 hour days! If this is how you work it is very unlikely to be comfortably set-up to suit your body’s specific needs. Indeed, depending upon your employer a correctly ergonomically set-up work place might not happen at all. I was fortunate to work for many years with a company who offered a brilliant Health & Safety desk policy, but also one firm which made me build my own chair & offered nothing else!

For details of how massage can help with desk-based office work see my Massage, Modern Lifestyle & Life blog

The Benefits


Indian Head Massage offers many benefits to a person’s mental, emotional & physical well-being

As well as physical conditions office-work can also be mentally tiring & emotionally stressful. Many clients report feeling increasing & overwhelming pressure from responsibility, & worry from working long hours which can also affect their home life & sleep patterns. Massage can be of great help to employees offering revitalisation & invigoration by inducing a more relaxed physical & mental state. Employers are increasingly keen to improve their employees well-being & adhere to a good Health & Safety policy.

Benefits include:

  • Improve health & well-being
  • Prevent RSI’s
  • Reduce muscular tension
  • Reduce stress & energy dips
  • Increase efficiency & creativity

Work Based On Site Massage: Offices & Workplaces


Indian Head Massage can help to revitalise with relaxation


  • I can come direct to your office or workplace with a choice of preferential rates to suit
  • Dry, seated treatment massaging the shoulders, upper arms, neck & head, relieving aches & pains
  •  No need to undress & no oils – just pop in, sit down, relax & unwind
  • Leave feeling refreshed, revitalised & ready for your weekend!
  • 15/25/45 minutes duration as required
  • Couch treatments are also available with a private room



I am very keen to offer on-site treatments for the benefit of all


If, like Whitbread Plc, you are keen to try massage at your workplace, or if you are an employer who would like to improve the well-being of your employees please contact me