Treatment Prices

Massage & Aromatherapy Treatments

Prices for Massage Treatments are listed below, please see further down this page for prices for McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release MSTR®. Please contact me with any questions.

Initial Consultation & Massage Treatment (120 mins)

An in-depth consultation (45-60 mins) reviewing your medical history and symptoms, discussing your concerns and needs, your treatment and a treatment plan if wished. I will then find out ‘what the oils can do for you’ making your very own individual Aromatherapy blend to take home, followed by your massage treatment (60 mins)

  • £80      120 mins (45-60 mins consultation, 60 mins treatment time)

Follow-Up Massage Treatment Prices – all types, Aromatherapy or Holistic

Any follow-up treatments include a free consultation, bespoke aromatherapy blend if desired & the full time paid for on the treatment included in the price. We will discuss treatment lengths & frequency at your initial consultation, but where possible I will try to accommodate the length of time you would prefer.

Unlike many clinics the treatment you pay for is not for the appointment as a whole but indicates the full time of treatment on the couch so please allow 15-30 minutes extra time for consultation/changing etc

  • £35         30 mins full treatment time    
  • £45         45 mins full treatment time 
  • £55         60 mins full treatment time   
  • £65         75 mins full treatment time 
  • £80         90 mins full treatment time
  • £110       120 mins full treatment time 

Dependent upon your preferences, I can offer a tailored massage to suit your requirements or need for focus. Please feel free to ask for any combination, as I can often mix and match treatments to suit you:

Massage Type

All massage types can be offered with Aromatherapy

  • Body Massage – Swedish, Clinical, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release
  • Facial Rejuvenation Massage
  • Aromatherapy Facial – cleanse, tone, exfoliate, aromatherapy massage and moisturise
  • Indian Head Massage/Champissage
  • Pregnancy Massage – all of the above types of massage can be tailored as Pregnancy treatments and offered with Pregnancy Aromatherapy
Areas Covered:
  • Full Body
  • Facial
  • Back, neck & shoulders
  • Shoulders, neck & head
  • Arms & hands
  • Legs & feet
  • Abdominals

Facial Rejuvenation Massage Course

Book a 6 week course & receive a free treatment!

– 60 minute Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 1 per week for a 6 week course

– Thereafter a monthly maintenance Facial Rejuvenation massage is recommended

  • 6 week course £275

Total Head, Neck & Shoulders Treatment

Your choice of a combination Shoulders, Neck & Head massage (30-45 minutes) followed by a Facial Rejuvenation treatment(45-60 minutes)

  • £65      75 mins full treatment time
  • £80     90 mins full treatment time

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release MSTR® Prices

This is a form of myofascial release which can be used to gently and effectively release scar tissue.

Initial Consultation & MSTR® Treatment (c. 60 – 90 mins)

An in-depth consultation (30-45 mins) reviewing your medical history and symptoms, discussing your treatment and a treatment plan. This is followed by your Scar Tissue Release treatment. The length of treatment for this technique is variable – it is wholly dependant upon the individual, the size of the scar to be treated, and possible additional time which may needed to process any mental, physical or emotional effects, especially if the scar is linked to traumatic events. I will always allow you time as needed where possible. The likely treatment time required will be assessed at this initial treatment. The largest size scars may have to be treated in sections which can require longer treatment times.

  • £80      60 – 90 mins (consultation and treatment time)
Follow-Up MSTR® Treatment Prices

The number of follow-up sessions vary upon the amount of scar tissue to be released and reaction of the scar tissue. I can advise if I feel that more can be released but how many sessions and the timing of them is completely at the discretion and decision of the client. Usually most scars can be treated in 3-4 sessions and although a minimum of a week is recommended between treatments there is no maximum length of time.  The prices are as follows:

  • £35         up to 30 mins appointment (usually small scars e.g. keyhole surgery)
  • £45         up to 45 mins appointment (large scars e.g. Caesarian-section)
  • £55         up to 60 mins appointment (larger scars e.g. major surgery, scars over 25cm)


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pricesAromatherapy or Massage Consultancy

An in-depth consultation on the issue including a consultancy plan and document

  • £55    60 mins 


Gift Vouchers

Giving a massage can be a wonderful present for family and friends, giving them the perfect excuse for some time for themselves. Gift vouchers are available to use with me in Hemel Hempstead & can be posted or emailed.