Holistic Well-Being Treatments

Holistic Well-Being Massage Treatments

These are massage treatments for relaxation, well-being and good mental health and are not designed to treat any specific conditions, injuries, mobility or pain. They can, however, decrease stress levels and have wonderful restorative effects – helping with stress-related conditions such as depression and anxiety. They can be a significant and regular support for mental health and well-being, as demonstrated in medical research studies.

Significant improvements were found for the anxiety, depression, vitality, general health, and positive well-being subscales of the General Well-being Schedule and for Perceived Stress among the massage participants compared to guided relaxation

(A randomised study of the effects of massage therapy compared to guided relaxation on well-being and stress perception among older adults Patricia A Sharpe 1Harriet G WilliamsMichelle L GrannerJames R Hussey)

Aromatherapy Massage

Being able to bespoke blend for clients using over 100 essential oils is one of things that makes an Aromatherapy Massage with me so special. This allows a great diversity of different support options for various physical, mental and emotional conditions”

Aromatherapy uses essential oils like Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)

Aromatherapy differs from other massage treatments by using a specifically tailored blend of essential oils to fully benefit from their therapeutic properties, which are absorbed directly through the skin and the taken into the body through the skin, nasal system and lungs. These benefits can be physical, based on their chemical properties, or psychological, based on how they make you feel, to enhance and benefit both physical and emotional well-being. The essential oils can be blended to help support specific conditions – for more details see my Aromatherapy Massage page

holistic well-being

Swedish Classic Massage

Swedish Massage employs the same massaging techniques but is practised either without oils at all for example with myofascial release, or more commonly with with plain carrier oils without essential oils added such as plain Grapeseed or Sweet Almond oil. As with Aromatherapy Massage it is designed to treat the client holistically – as a whole, both physically and mentally but without treating a physical injury or condition.

Facial Rejuvenation/Natural Facelift Massage

Facial Rejuvenation massage is a highly popular and sought-after treatment, and can be used clinically to release facial, scalp and neck strain, and relieve tension headaches.


Clients find the many techniques of the Facial Rejuvenation treatments very soothing & an aid to better quality sleep

As a course of 6 weekly treatments it can also act as an amazing beauty and holistic treatment, literally lifting, firming and smoothing the skin to minimise lines and wrinkles, but in a completely natural way.

Treatment incorporates the activation of specific acupressure points and friction movements to detect areas of tension and to encourage letting go of habitual facial expressions. Ayurvedic smoothing techniques are employed to desquamate and ‘iron out’ fine lines and wrinkles. Deeper techniques release restrictions in the connective tissue of the dermis and lift the underlying facial muscles. Circulation and elimination are improved and tissues become more mobile. The treatment finishes with lymphatic drainage, scalp massage and grounding techniques.

Indian Head Massage & Champissage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage can be surprisingly relaxing – I have had clients literally fall fast asleep during a treatment!

I practise both the more traditional Indian form, Champissage – a vigorous massage of the shoulders, neck and head which can have revitalizing and stimulating effects, and the more Westernized Indian Head Massage, which is a slower and more calming treatment based upon traditional Champissage.

Treatment incorporates massage of the shoulders, neck, head, scalp and face.

I was trained at the London Centre for Indian Champissage International, who hold the only accredited courses for the original Indian Head Massage and Indian Champissage techniques.as bought to the UK by Narendra Mehta MBE.

Pregnancy Massage and Antenatal Treatments

Pregnancy Massage

At last! a pillow designed to allow a pregnant client to lie on her front for massage

Although pregnancy can be a wonderful experience, it is also a time of incredible change within the mother’s body. Carrying around a substantial weight in the form of your baby bump at the very least can lead to backache, especially around the sacrum and lower back, as your body tries to support you, or at the shoulders due to additional breast weight. It can cause you to change posture – sitting, standing, walking, lying and generally moving differently, whilst conditions such as SPD, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Headaches and swollen feet, ankles, hands and wrists can also affect you.

Many women choose to have Pregnancy and Antenatal Massage as a safe and effective treatment. I offer both traditional side-lying, seated and, excitingly for those who like to lie on their front, safe prone treatments with the KIH Pregnancy Pillow.


At a time when many medications are not advised, Pregnancy Massage can be an effective and lovely way to relieve muscular tension