Online Therapies

Online Treatments At Home


During the Covid pandemic I have been eager to support my clients and help others. To do this as a hands-on therapist is a challenge, but I pioneered taking my Massage and Aromatherapy skills online. I now take private & NHS clients to help people with both Clinical Treatments for physical pain, injuries and mobility problems, and Well-Being Sessions for relaxation and good mental health.

I now take private and GP referrals from the NHS, helping clients in the convenient comfort of their own homes”

Online Therapies are ideal if you can’t see a practitioner in person whether because of:

  • lockdown
  • shielding/clinically vulnerable
  • difficulty travelling
  • location/distance
  • a personal preference not to have a hands-on massage during a pandemic

Remote Clinical Sessions

Clinical Online Sessions can be adapted and used for any Conditions also treated with Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release. I assess and teach techniques using:

  • orthopaedic range of motion and functional muscle testing 
  • self-massage techniques 
  • trigger point release
  • myofasical release
  • mobilisations
  • stretching
  • scar tissue release
  • offering these in a way which clients can easily take on board and integrate into their daily lives

Well-Being Online Sessions

Well-being Therapy Sessions help to improve mental health and promote relaxation with

  • meditation
  • relaxation techniques
  • breath work

They can greatly help with stress, anxiety, panic attacks and many other conditions, or for beautiful self care and wellness. Many online clients have also given feedback that simply having contact and human interaction via video link has made a big difference during the isolation of Covid Lockdowns.

A self-management approach to persistent musculoskeletal pain can improve peoples’ quality of life, pain levels and the way they use health care resources” (DeSilva 2011)