Testimonials & Feedback – What My Clients Think

Testimonials really are the best indication I can give as to me as a therapist and the various treatments that I offer. They are also the best recommendation for booking in to see if I am the kind of therapist that can help you. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have this kind of five star client feedback.


“Slept like a log. Vast improvement. VAST. You’re a magician! Totally pain free now” (R. B, Body Massage)

“I want to say an enormous thank you for your treatment. Your insight & sensitivity simply create a nurturing space like no other”
(D. B, Body Massage)

“Yesterday I made up two of your suggested blends for my mother and myself. They smell heavenly. I made up your sleep blend that works, and your inhalation blend that my 6yr old grandson with asthma loves and his mother says helps him. You cannot con a 6 yr. old! I was also able to make up a cream that stops my dry skin from itching thanks to your consultation. You have a rare gift, thank you” (L. S, Consultancy)

On being asked how her new Psoriasis facial moisturiser is: “You know I meant to text you because I love it!!! And my skin is looking really good too ♥ thank you xx”
(J. Mc, Natural Products)

“I am so much better and more comfortable now. Thank you, thank you. No need for more Nurofen today!”
(K. O, Body Massage)

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and research for my condition, I really feel that it has paid off’
(S. O, Consultancy)


A Thank You is the best testimonial of all!

“The best massage I’ve ever had. Sian as always thank you! You are so gentle and kind, and I always feel so comfortable with you and so rejuvenated when I leave you! I would 1000% recommend to anyone!”
(B. B, Body Massage)

“It’s so ridiculously good”
(J. Mc, Facial Rejuvenation Massage)

“Thank you Sian. I felt at ease with you as soon as I met you. You were meticulous about my comfort through the whole treatment. I had the best night’s sleep in years afterwards. Thank you.”
(Martin Groome, Body Massage)

“Thanks for my amazing massage, it really set me up for my recovery. The warming of the blend & my comfort in your hands meant you were able to dig deep into my shoulders – they have felt amazing since!”
(U. A, Body Massage)

“Your work is outstanding and I have just made up another of your recipes and it works big time!’
(L. S, Consultancy)

“Thank you for my wonderful aromatherapy massage, it made the world of difference to my injured shoulder, my pain instantly decreased, I regained movement and the massage and blend allowed me to get comfortable enough to sleep. I’m so looking forward to my next treatment!”
(Katie Margetts, Body Massage)

testimonials“The blend was lovely, an absolute hug in essential oils and just what I asked for, you really hit the nail on the head with the blend”
(J. M, Aromatherapy)

“I woke up for the first time in nearly a month with no headache – bliss!”
(S. M, Indian Head Massage)

“The regular massage was good at making me have some time for myself. It greatly improved my mood and state of mind”
(T. L, Body Massage)

“I intended to text you this morning to say how well your massage worked for me. I am significantly better than yesterday. Thank you again for your healing hands.”
(Tom Hart-Shea, Body Massage)

“This was the most relaxed I think I’ve ever been, it’s a beautiful treatment. With the memory foam (couch topper) I couldn’t get off the bed!’
(Rachel Guest, Facial Rejuvenation Massage)

“No migraine or headaches since the treatment – I’m very happy, If I lived closer I’d book in every week!”
(S. U, came with a 5-day migraine, Body & Head Massage)

“Massage was fantastic, I slept so well last night”
(J. G, Body Massage)

If you have been impressed with the kind of Testimonials I have been receiving and would like to try one of my treatments for yourself please contact me to book in for a treatment