Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage Treatments – A Unique Experience

Aromatherapy together with Clinical MassageHolistic Well-Being Treatments, and Online Therapies form the stable quartet of my practice

Aromatherapy Massage is the use of plant essential oils diluted in a carrier oil & used in combination with massage techniques”

Aromatherapy differs from other massage treatments by using a particular blend of essential oils within the massage oil. Naturally the wonderful scent is what most people love and remember about Aromatherapy, but they are complex chemicals with different properties – think of the menthol inhalers you use to clear your nose when you have a cold, or the deep heart rub you use on your muscles – check the ingredients and you’ll find peppermint, clove and cinnamon essential oils in these over-the-counter medicines.

These essential oils are then absorbed directly through the skin and breathed in during your treatment allowing you and your body to fully benefit from their different therapeutic properties. These benefits can be physical, based on their chemical properties, or psychological, based on how they make you feel, to enhance and benefit both physical and emotional well-being.

This allows a great diversity of different support options for various physical, mental, emotional and psychological conditions. These can include:

  • muscular aches and pains
  • skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis
  • respiratory problems, from conditions such as asthma to chronic infections like bronchitis
  • allergic reactions like hayfever
  • insomnia and sleep issues
  • stress-related conditions like anxiety, panic attacks and depression

Being able to bespoke blend for clients using over 100 essential oils is one of things that makes an Aromatherapy Massage with me so special. I hope that seeing me may give you the opportunity to discuss any condition with a professional who has years of training and experience.

Part of what makes me unique as a therapist is that I blend from over 100 essential oils uniquely for your treatment – bespoke, tailor-made blends designed for you and your specific personal needs. Plus you get to take home the remainder of your blend free of charge!”

A Real Aromatherapy Massage


Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) essential oil

Go to a spa or salon and you’ll often see ‘Aromatherapy Massage’ listed as a treatment – but this is misleading! To my mind this is more like a massage with an aromatherapy blend but not a true Aromatherapy Massage.

You’ll usually be offered only 2 or 3 pre-blended products for very generic reasons like ‘relaxation’ or ‘energising’ etc. rather than a professional blending from over 100 different oils to create something for your specific condition or mood on the day.

I often ask my clients ‘how can the oils help you today?’

Professional Aromatherapy

I trained for 2 years on the highest level Aromatherapy course in the country – Neal’s Yard Remedies Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Science Diploma. This included learning full safety protocols and molecular chemistry in order to blend beautifully and safely.

I blend with over 120 plant essential oils sourced from specialists who supply only to professional aromatherapists.

Professional Body

My professional body, the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists have a lot of information about Aromatherapy. Follow the links below for more information from them:

IFPA: Information on Aromatherapy

IFPA: Why choose an IFPA Professional Aromatherapist?

Aromatherapy massage

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) îs one of the best known essential oils, found in many products

Essential Oils – The Essence of Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are a complex mixture of volatile chemicals, so called because they carry the distinctive scent, characteristics & vital essence of a plant. These aromatic oils are found within a broad but select range of plant species. They can be found within the flowers, leaves, roots or bark. Why the plants create these oils is not yet fully understood, but it is believed that they provide them with various evolutionary advantages, such as attracting pollinators, aiding defence, self-healing etc.

Aromatherapy works together with the inherent healing properties in these oils & uses them to bring relief to both physical & emotional ailments”