Face – Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers & Lips

For Your Face

Luxury Beauty Balm

It’s in the facial section, but this is an amazing all-rounder of a Balm! Enriched with cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil, beloved by many, you can use it in four different ways:

  • Cleanser – melt the Beauty Balm in your fingers and apply to dry skin, massaging it in for 1-2 minutes, apply a warm, damp facial muslin (provided) and breathe in then wipe away the impurities to leave glowing skin
  • Highlighter – apply to cheekbones for dewy mositurisation
  • Hair – tame eyebrows or apply to dry hair to help control frizz
  • Lips – it also makes an excellent & highly moisturising lip balm

15mls Jar £12.00
30mls Jar £24.00
60mls Jar £48.00

Beards & Shaving

Beard Balm – to tame, soften and nourish beards

Aftershave Balm

15mls Tin £3.75
15mls Jar £4.25
30mls Jar £7.50
60mls Jar £15.00

Aftershave Lotion

15mls Tin £3.75
15mls Jar £4.25
30mls Jar £7.50
60mls Jar £15.00

Beard Balm

15mls Tin £2.50
15mls Jar £3.00
30mls Jar £5.00
60mls Jar £10.00


Bespoke Cleansing Melt with Muslin Facial Cloth

A deeply cleansing balm that melts into the skin removing make up and lifting away the days impurities. Softening oils and butters leave the skin hydrated and nourished. It can be used as an everyday moisturising cleanser, a treatment mask and a gentle exfoliator. Supplied with a muslin facial cloth.

30mls Jar £12.50
60mls Jar £25.00


Natural Toners – Hydrolats/Floral waters – can be supplied with Muslin Cloths

Alcohol can be harsh and strip the skin. Naturally astringent, hydrolats are the floral waters drawn off during the creation of essential oils and are incredibly gentle but effective cleansers and toners

  • Lavender
  • Neroli/Orange Blossom
  • Rose

50mls Bottle £6.50
100mls Bottle £13.00

Making – the creative process (and lots of fun)


Bespoke Facial Oil

With over 14 different carrier and enricher oils and an essential oil blend in this magical nourishing blend you can’t buy a facial oil like this in the shops. I can blend a special formulation bespoke to the season and your needs – congested, mature, dehydrated, scarred, oily etc

Natural Range
25mls Bottle £20.00

Natural Products

Bespoke Facial Oil

Luxury Range
25mls Bottle £28.00

Bespoke Facial Moisturiser (organic)

Another product that is most in demand. I use different carrier, enricher and essential oils blended with vegetable glycerine and various butters to create the ideal formulation for your skin type or issue – it’s an individual creation just for you or to give as a totally unique gift. My facial moisturisers are entirely unique to you and your skin.

Natural Range
30mls Jar £10.00
60mls Jar £20.00
120mls Jar £40.00

Luxury Range
30mls Jar £15.00
60mls Jar £30.00
120mls Jar £60.00


Lip Balm

Natural Range

natural products

Lip Balm can be supplied in lipsticks, 15mls recyclable aluminium tins or glass jars

Lip Balm Stick £5.00
15mls Tin £6.50
15mls Jar £7.00

Luxury Range
Lip Stick £6.50
15mls Tin £8.00
15mls Jar £8.50