Aromatherapy Consultancy

Consultancy with a professional aromatherapist is for those with a deeper interest in Aromatherapy, whether for your business, or a personal use. You may want to have a signature scent, specially-tailored blends for use at home, or be able to safely make up your own blends for personal use. Blends can be used for so many purposes and in so many ways:

  • Mood enhancement in vaporizers or candle/electric oil burners e.g. energizing, calming, study/focus or soothing blends
  • Assistance with conditions in inhalations or aromasticks e.g. Asthma, coughs, colds
  • Assistance with conditions for self-massage e.g. insomnia or digestive upset
  • Use as hormonal regulators – for period problems & PMT, pre & post-pregnancy, menopause, hot flushes etc.
  • Use in the bath e.g. musculoskeletal aches and pains
  • Non-aerosol sprays – they make excellent room fragrancers, antibacterial cleansers for the sickroom, or throat sprays for sore throats

‘Thank you so much for all your hard work and research for my condition, I really feel that it has paid off’  (S.O)


There are, of course, many excellent books available, and I am only too happy to recommend some to you if you prefer. However, I have chosen to make this field my area of expertise and have many years of first class training with some of the leading teachers in the country in the safety and use of essential oils, massage and product making, plus a Masters degree in research and a wealth of experience, although I will always remain a student – willing and eager to learn more on your behalf. I also rely heavily on my natural abilities, instinct and intuition in practice, and for all of these reasons many of my clients prefer to see me as a consultant at my usual Aromatherapy rates.

A consultation usually involves a detailed discussion of any particular issues that you might want to address. I can then undertake to research these for you at far greater depth, and can either provide you with ready-made blends or products for you to use, or alternatively a document listing instructions on safe blending methods, different ways of using the blends and suggestions for appropriate essential oil combinations for you to make up yourself when required. Please bear in mind that some of the oils are not readily available to the general public due to safety issues or rarity so in these cases I may need to blend for you.


  • £45/30 mins £55/45 mins or £65/hour: online or in-person consultation plus cost of any natural products, bespoke blend or signature scent as priced in my Natural Products range
  • £150/half day: online or in-person consultation
  • £250/day: online or in-person consultation
  • £65: documentation
  • Postage, Packing & Mailing Method for any essential oils or products: paid for by the client

Essential Oils Package

  • £80: 30 mins online or in-person consultation plus £35 worth of my recommendation of essential oils with tracked P&P
  • £90: 45 mins online or in-person consultation plus £35 worth of my recommendation of essential oils with tracked P&P


‘Your work is outstanding and I have just made up another of your recipes and it works big time!’  (L.S)

 For tailor-made blends I can provide a range of different products for home treatment of conditions as per my Products page: spray bottles (facial spritz, room sprays, throat sprays), pump dispensers, creams, lotions, balms, gels, cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, aromasticks (portable inhalators) and rollerballs (portable and easy to apply to pulse points). Any documentation for your own use is thoroughly and rigorously researched and presented for you to keep and use as and when required.

‘Yesterday I made up two of your suggested blends for my mother and myself. They smell heavenly. I made up your sleep blend that works, and your inhalation blend that my 6yr old grandson with asthma loves and his mother says helps him.

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You cannot con a 6 yr. old! I was also able to make up a cream that stops my dry skin from itching thanks to your consultation. You have a rare gift, thank you’  (L.S)