Well-Being Online Therapies

Well-Being Online Therapies

Well-Being OnlineWell-Being Online Sessions help to improve mental health and promote relaxation. 

Many online clients have given testimonials that simply having contact and human interaction via video link has made a big difference during the isolation of Covid Lockdowns.

During the Covid pandemic I pioneered taking my Massage and Aromatherapy skills online. I now take private and GP referrals from the NHS, helping clients in the convenient comfort of their own homes. 

What Do They Help With?

Approaches for wellness such as relaxation and visualisation can work really well via Zoom or even over the phone. They can help with stress, anxiety, panic attacks and many other conditions, or for beautiful self care and wellness.

Well-Being sessions can be aimed for:

  • pure relaxation
  • time for yourself – to recharge
  • self care
  • wellness

Or alongside conventional medical treatment can support with mental and physical health and well-being:

  • chronic fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia
  • long covid – physical issues such as breath work, or managing fatigue with pacing, or assisting sleep with relaxation techniques
  • stress, anxiety
  • insomnia, nightmares and sleep issues
  • lockdown related issues – isolation, mild depression
  • lifestyle advice: circadian rhythms, advice on exercise, sleep, caffeine, alcohol

How Do They Help?

Well-Being Online

The Biopsychosocial Model – how Biology, Psychology and Social Factors are all involved in Health

Well-Being sessions use many methods from the biopsychosocial model that my practice is based upon. The biopsychosocial model shows the connection between biology (physical health), psychological (such as self esteem) and social (such as family) circumstances (i.e. a holistic approach) are all involved in good well-being and mental health.
These include:

  • meditation
  • relaxation techniques
  • visualisations
  • breath work and breathing techniques 
  • support and connection
  • personalised self care document