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For Your Body


A balm is a combination of oils set with a wax or butter. I usually select a base of carrier oils and mix with enricher oils, more expensive and richer oils which are used in smaller qualities. These are heated with butters, such as Shea or Cocoa and Beeswax to set the balm. The quantities of each can determine if the balm is soft or harder, and can be mixed with a tailor-made blend of essential oils.

All-Purpose Balm

All Purpose Pure Balm

30mls Jar £6.00
60mls Jar £12.00

Aftershave Balm

15mls Tin £3.75
15mls Jar £4.25
30mls Jar £7.50
60mls Jar £15.00

Arthritis Balm (see also Natural Remedies)

30mls Jar £8.00
60mls Jar £16.00

Beard Balm (see also Face)

15mls Tin £3.50
15mls Jar £4.00
30mls Jar £7.00
60mls Jar £10.00

Bespoke Luxury Beauty Balm (see also Face)

15mls Jar £7.50
30mls Jar £15.00
60mls Jar £30.00

Bespoke Balm – Purpose Dependant
natural products

Lip Balm can be supplied in lipsticks, 15mls recyclable aluminium tins or glass jars

15mls Tin £7.50
15mls Jar £8.00
30mls Jar £15.00
60mls Jar £30.00

Lip Balm (see also Face)

Lip Stick £6.00
15mls Tin £7.50
15mls Jar £8.00

Bath Products (Organic)

Bespoke Natural Bath Salts

Bespoke Organic Bath Salts to help relax your muscles and ease muscular aches and pains containing organic Sea Salt and Epsom salts mixed with essential oils. Your bespoke natural blend is made up for you and can be designed for assistance with sleep, calming, de-stress, muscle relaxants, energising, focus – what do you want the oils to do for you?

60g Jar £4.00
120g Jar £8.00
240g Jar £15.00
500g Jar £30.00


Bath Salts

Three Lavender Bath Salts – Evening/Sleep/Muscles Blend

An incredibly relaxing and beautiful blend of Bulgarian, French & High Altitude Lavender in these Bath Salts. Lavandula angustifolia  contains the sedative properties to soothe yourself at the end of the day

60g Jar £3.00
120g Jar £6.00
240g Jar £12.50
500g Jar £25.00

Lavender Bath Salts – Daytime/Calming/Muscles Blend

Lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia) contains all the calmative and distressing properties of Lavender without the sedation, making this ideal for relieving muscular aches and pains or use during the daytime

60g Jar £3.00
120g Jar £6.00
240g Jar £12.50
500g Jar £25.00

Bath Oil

50mls Bottle £9.00
100mls Bottle £18.00

Body Moisturisers (Organic)

I make a range of products for the body, from richly creamy butter to whipped cream, lighter lotions and simple but nourishing oils that can be used as a body moisturiser massaged into damp skin. A little goes a long way!

Bespoke Body Butter (organic)

60mls Jar £12.50
120mls Jar £25.00

Lightly whipped super rich Body Cream

Bespoke Body Cream (organic)

60mls Jar £12.50
120mls Jar £25.00

Bespoke Body Lotion (organic)

60mls Jar £10.00
120mls Jar £20.00

Bespoke Body Oil

50mls Bottle £10.00
100mls Bottle £20.00


Bath & Body Melts

Bath & Body Melts (Organic)
2.5% Blend

These bespoke little melts are delicious, super skin soothers and smoothers, you melt them into your bath for a rich, creamy milk bath, massage onto your body then rinse off in the bath or shower to wash away impurities without drying, or massage into damp skin for an amazing body moisturising experience! Enriched with organic Shea & Cocoa Butters, hmmm, dreamy….

6 – £5.00
12 – £10.00

Intense Hair & Scalp Treatment

This is a beautiful treatment for both hair and the delicate skin of the scalp. It can be left on as a deep conditioning treatment overnight or as a pre-wash conditioner. The super nourishing coconut oil helps to restore the skin’s natural sebum balance & restore body & shine, but I can bespoke both this to your hair & scalp type. Whilst essential oils best for the scalp & hair such as organic atlas cedarwood, rosemary & lavender are recommended, I will come up with a unique blend for your particular needs – everything from fine, dull hair to sensitive skin & dandruff.

Intense Hair Treatment is massaged into the hair and scalp and left on for 30 minutes – overnight so your gift package comes complete with a soft turban to wrap your hair in

30g Jar £5.00
60g Jar £10.00
120g Jar £20.00


My bespoke Hand Cream is made with organic olive oil, olive leaf extract, shea butter, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, oat flour and vegetable glycerine

Hand Cream (Organic)

One of my most popular items, I love my hand creams. I have occasionally tried shop-bought hand creams given to me as presents, but find them drying and ineffective. I always come back to my own and feel happier for knowing exactly what is going on and into my skin – 100% natural and plant-based.

15mls Handbag/Travel Size Tin £3.00
15mls Handbag/Travel Size Jar £4.00
30mls Jar £6.00
60mls Jar £12.00


As it says on the bar – 100% Hand Made, Organic & Natural!

Soap – Organic & Pure

I now offer Bespoke Organic soap! I have a variety of moulds from the Plain, to messages of Thanks, Good Luck, Floral, Bee and Beehive designs and with the bespoke blend of your choice

1 x Soap £6.00
3 x Soaps £18.00