Hot Stones Clinical Massage

Hot Stones Clinical Treatments

Hot StonesHot stones are one of the main tools I use in my clinical treatment work. They form a crucial part of the professional training at the Jing Institute of Advanced Clinical Massage.

Hot Stones can intensify and enhance the beneficial therapeutic effects of a Jing Method™ advanced clinical massage. A wide range of volcanic lava stones are heated and used to release muscles, allowing me to work more deeply and effectively. Stones are also used cold to reduce swelling and inflammation or alternated with hot stones in contrast bathing. 

A deeper treatment – for all types of musculoskeletal pain

Chronic Pain & Systemic Conditions – Hot Stones

Hot StonesHot stones work particularly well with chronic pain, autoimmune and systemic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and long covid.

Acute Pain & Injuries

This is also an effective treatment for acute pain and injuries. The heat boosts recovery and tissue repair and acts as a natural analgesic, relieving muscular stiffness and tension. 

Contrast Bathing

This is a specialised thermal treatment modality to reduce soft tissue inflammation and oedema. It works amazingly to decrease pain, muscle spasm and joint stiffness in injury, and to facilitate recovery from training.

Sleep – Hot Stones

Just as in a hot bath or spa, heat naturally eases down the musculoskeletal system, acting as a natural sedative, aiding sleep and relaxation. They can be particularly helpful for anyone suffering with insomnia or chronic stress. For the latter I would particularly recommend the Rest and De-Stress Treatment.

Headaches & Migraine – Cold Stones

Headaches and migraine can be incredibly soothed with a cold stone facial treatment, reducing any heat and inflammation and easing pain.

New clients should allow 1.5 hours as a free 30 minute consultation, with range of motion assessment and special orthopaedic testing where clinically appropriate, is included in your first treatment