Clinical Online Therapies

Clinical Online Sessions

Clinical Online Sessions can be an amazingly effective way to help with many physical issues and conditions, teaching you skills and a toolbox to help you reduce pain and improve mobility.

During the Covid pandemic I pioneered taking my Massage and Aromatherapy skills online. I now take private and GP referrals from the NHS, helping clients at a time to suit them in the convenient comfort of their own homes.

I use video calling such as Zoom to support you, demonstrate and teach methods in a safe, effective and often fun way. I keep things simple so that you can easily integrate them into your daily life as part of your routine and habits. I will also create a personalised routine for you.

What Can They Help With?

Clinical Online Sessions can be adapted and used for most of the Conditions treated with Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release including:

  • muscular aches and stiffness – for example, neck and shoulder, lower back pain
  • chronic pain
  • acute pain
  • injury – sprains, strains
  • tension headaches, jaw/facial pain and tension
  • lockdown related issues – working from home, lack of exercise or lockdown exercise injury
  • specific conditions – for example; plantar fasciitis, tenosynovitis
  • self treatment of scar tissue

How Do They Help?

I assess and teach online techniques using:

Clinical Online

  • orthopaedic range of motion and functional muscle testing 
  • self-massage techniques 
  • trigger point release
  • myofasical release
  • mobilisations
  • stretching
  • scar tissue release
  • offering these in a way which clients can easily take on board and integrate into their daily lives