About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy – The Healing Power of Nature

I offer many types of massage & all may be provided as Aromatherapy treatments. Essential oils have an extensive history of extraction & use in medicine & perfume over centuries. As an ex-archaeologist & researcher I have relished investigating their historical use. Please do see my Blog for archaeo-aroma events I have run in national museums the Petrie Museum on their use in Ancient Egypt and at the Museum of London on Ancient Rome.

Aromatherapy is the use of plant essential oils diluted in a carrier oil & used in combination with massage

Lavender Fields - Nature to Nurture; Aromatherapy Massage in Hemel & St Albans

Fields of Lavender – called the ‘Mother of All Essential Oils’ due to its wide-ranging properties

Essential Oils – The Vital Essence of Plants

Essential oils are a complex mixture of volatile chemicals, so called because they carry the distinctive scent, characteristics & vital essence of a plant. These aromatic oils are found within a broad but select range of plant species. They can be found within the flowers, leaves, roots or bark. Why the plants create these oils is not yet fully understood, but it is believed that they provide them with various evolutionary advantages, such as attracting pollinators, aiding defence, self-healing etc.

Myrrh Tree Commiphora - Banner - Nature To Nurture - Aromatherapy In Hemel & St Albans

Commiphora Myrrha – the trees which produce the resin to make Myrrh Essential Oil

The Use of Essential Oils in Medicine

The chemical composition of essential oils varies & adapts dependent upon climate, time of harvest, local conditions etc. Thus each type of plant oil can have many distinct therapeutic properties & wide-ranging functions: anti-inflammatories; analgesics; antimicrobials; wound healing; sedatives & hormonal regulators to name but a few. They are now being extensively studied in a clinical environment, with hospitals such as the Christie NHS Trust, Manchester interested in research & use of oils such as Lavender & Roman Chamomile for conditions such as burns & wound-healing, or Tea Tree, LemonMyrrh for their antimicrobialantifungal properties. Even oils such as Rose, known more for skincaremood lifting, have been shown to be significant antimicrobial inhibitors

Aromatherapy works together with the inherent healing properties in these oils & uses them to bring relief to both physical & emotional ailments