Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Aromatherapy

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Collaboration with Dr. Lily Lai – Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Meeting at Liberty Tea Rooms Fertility is not a subject that I have written much about, tending to focus on aromatherapy & massage for pregnancy & birth. However, a recent meeting with my friend & colleague Dr. Lily Lai, a traditional Chinese Medical herbalist & Acupuncturist made me consider all …

Birth & Natural Therapies: Aromatherapy

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Birth Therapist Collaboration – The Benefits for Clients Helping Each Other To Help Our Clients Birth, Fertility & Pregnancy have many aspects that can affect clients. At a time when many conventional medications can’t be used, they often consult me & my fellow complementary therapists for natural solutions for many issues, including fertility conceiving naturally conceiving through IVF & support throughout …


Bereavement, Grief & Aromatherapy Massage

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How The Senses Helped Me Bereavement: My Own Recent Experience As either myself or Nature To Nurture I haven’t been online or on social media much lately & although most of my regular clients know why, others have been asking. The reason is simply that I suffered a family bereavement in January. I was going to write a simple status …