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Birth Therapist Collaboration – The Benefits for Clients

Helping Each Other To Help Our Clients

Birth, Fertility & Pregnancy have many aspects that can affect clients. At a time when many conventional medications can’t be used, they often consult me & my fellow complementary therapists for natural solutions for many issues, including

  • fertility
  • conceiving naturally
  • conceiving through IVF & support throughout it

Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy & other types of Complementary Therapies are very popular treatments for fertility & pregnancy

  • enjoying pregnancy & ‘blooming’
  • low energy levels
  • coping with the many symptoms unique to pregnancy – muscular aches & pains, lower back pain, oedema, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, colds/illness
  • labour
  • birth & caesarian section
  • sleep issues
  • postnatal issues such as postnatal depression, breastfeeding problems, recuperation, infections
  • baby problems – sleep (for you & baby!), baby eczema, reflux, breathing problems, feeding
  • natural products – it’s amazing how many clients are suddenly concerned with chemical nasties in toiletries & products as soon as a baby’s delicate skin is involved

The Idea

Birth In June I was contacted by the lovely Emiliana at The Mindful Birth Group to see if I would be interested in collaborating with other complementary therapists to create individual videos as part of a series on alternative therapies, natural remedies & complementary medicine for pregnancy & birth??


Pregnancy can be a wonderful time, but your baby bump can also put strain on the body & lead to various conditions, aches & pains at a time when you may not be able to use conventional medication

Complementary Therapists

The therapists involved were:

Video Focus

BirthThe areas we were asked to focus on in our videos were:

Birth1. What is the therapy?

2. Why is it good for pregnancy?

3. Who would benefit from it most & when?

4. Is it safe for everyone?

5. How much does it cost?


Watching the video

◇ NEW INFO SERIES: Natural Therapies for Birth ◇

Please see video link below to watch & share #pregnancy #birth #themindfulbirthgroup #aromatherapy #massage #reflexology #hypnobirthing #homeopathy #naturetonurturearomatherapymassage

To watch my video either:

  • click on the video below
  • click on the internet link at the end of this blog

Day 4 My turn! ? – looking at alternative therapies, natural remedies & complementary medicine for pregnancy & birth ?? Please see video below #pregnancy #birth #themindfulbirthgroup #aromatherapy #massage #reflexology #hypnobirthing #homeopathy #naturetonurturearomatherapymassage ◇ NEW INFO SERIES: Natural Therapies for Birth ◇So many of our Mindful Mamas ask about how they can use natural therapies to help them in pregnancy & birth ? So | Hypnobirthing has teamed up with the fabulous | Homeopathy | Reflexology | Aromatherapy & Massage to answer your most common questions:1. What is the therapy?2. Why is it good for pregnancy?3. Who would benefit from it most & when?4. Is it safe for everyone?5. How much does it cost?You can watch our videos on their Instagram IGTV over the coming days ? In Part 4 we hear about Aromatherapy ?from – me! @naturetonurture

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Natural Therapies for Birth Video Series

You can watch all of our videos on Instagram IGTV anytime you would like  Birth Please find the internet links below for each of the 6 videos – two of which feature me talking about Aromatherapy & Massage.
Please click on them below:

Part 1 Hypnobirthing

Part 2 Homeopathy

Part 3 Reflexology

Part 4 Aromatherapy

Part 5 Massage

Natural Therapies can help to support you with fertility or at any stage of pregnancy – prenatal, antenatal or postnatal
If you’re interested in discussing what Aromatherapy can do to help you, please contact me


My next blog is on Massage as a Natural Therapy for Birth