Base Oil of the Season – Winter 2014-15: Carrot Oil

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Heart-Shaped-Carrots-Nature To Nurture Aromatherapy & Massage in Hemel & St Albans

Ah, for the love of carrots….

Carrot Heart2-Nature To Nurture Aromatherapy & Massage in Hemel & St Albans

…but did you know that they can also be incredibly nourishing for your skin as well?









Carrot Base Oil (Daucus carota): ‘The Liquid Gold of Antioxidants’

I came across Carrot base oil more or less out of pure curiosity, intrigued by the bright red-orange oil I saw on the shelf before me. As an aromatherapist I already use Carrot Seed essential oil, but had not studied Carrot as a carrier or enricher oil. I was at first intrigued & then pleasantly surprised to find out about the many health benefits of this rich & highly nutritious oil.

Daucus carota, Illustration by Jacob Sturm, Figure 33 from Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen

Origins & Traditional Usage

Although a relatively new addition to the large range of base oils currently available, the oil from the carrot plant has actually been used for many centuries. Ancient peoples prized the root of the wild carrot medicinally to prevent poisoning & for its supposed aphrodisiac properties, whilst the juice is traditinally taken to help reduce stomach acidity & flatulence.

The plant is a native of Europe & Asia, & has most commonly been used for its root which in its wild form is white, but was later culitvated to produce a sweeter & more edible flesh in first purple then the more familiar yellow, red & orange colouring.

The name Carrot derives from the French ‘carotte’, but this in turn stems from Latin ‘carota’ & Ancient Greek ‘karoton’ meaning ‘horn head’ from the shape of the root.



The beautiful & intricate flowers of the Wild Carrot 'Queen Anne's Lace', about to unfurl

The beautiful & intricate flowers of the Wild Carrot ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’, about to unfurl



The essential oil is steam distilled from the dried seeds, whilst the delicate unfolding umbels of flowers have led to it being called ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’ due to their intricate & weblike lacy nature.





The Carrier Oil

The base oil is extracted from the carrot root itself using either a solvent or more usually by macerating the root – pulping it up & steeping it in another base oil such as sunflower seed oil for at least three weeks until it has absorbed the properties of the plant.

Rich & red - Carrot-macerated Carrier Oil

Rich & red – Carrot-macerated Carrier Oil


  • Anti-inflammatory: relieving inflammation, associated redness & swelling
  • Anti-pruritic: relieving itching
  • Cicatrisant: promoting the healing of the skin by the formation & softening of scar tissue
  • Cytophylactic: encouraging the formation of new skin cells
  • Dermatological Tonic: strengthening & improving the skin
  • Emollient: soothing & softening to the skin
  • Moisturising: helping the skin to retain moisture



Prime Uses
  • ‘Liquid Gold’ – so-called because it is incredibly rich in
    • Soluble carotenoids: which protect the skin & body cells against damage caused by free-radicals
    • Vitamins: pro-vitamin A, vitamins A, B, C, D, E & F
    • Other anti-oxidants: such as beta-carotene, from which the red colouring derives
    • Essential fatty acids: essential for skin & body health
  • Skin Protection: these nutrients all help to both protect & revitalize skin damaged by many different factors:
    • Ageing & wrinkles: as below
    • Scars: both old and new
    • Poor nutrition: by providing vitamins & antioxidants for the body
    • Wind & harsh environments: restorative for dry & chapped skin
    • Sun: as it helps the skin to produce more protective melanin
  • Skin Conditions: widely recommended for dry & itchy conditions such as
    • Ezcema
    • Dermatitis
    • Psoriasis
    • Inflammation, Acne & Spots: highly soothing, eases redness & swelling
  • Antiageing: an active rejuvenator of the skin Carrot oil is excellent for treating dry, damaged or ageing skin, helping to prevent wrinkles & restorative in the treatment of mature skin




Recipe Blends

(to make yourself, or all treatments are available from me by request)

Soothing Face Mask – for all skin types

Instructions: Mash ½ Avocado with 1 teaspoon natural yoghurt, ½ teaspoon runny honey, 1ml of Carrot Carrier Oil, 1ml of Calendula-macerated oil and 2 drops each of Rose Absolute & Frankincense essential oils.

Directions: Apply thickly to the face, avoiding the delicate eye area, & leave for 10-20 minutes as desired, then rinse off with warm water & splash with cold water.



Rich Facial Oil, 30mls – for dry, extra dry or mature skin (1% facial blend)

Instructions: Combine 10mls of Sweet Almond Oil, 5mls of Carrot Carrier Oil5mls of Jojoba Oil, 5mls of Calendula-macerated Oil & 5mls of Argan Oil with 2 drops of Rose Absolute, 2 drops of Sandalwood, 1 drop of Neroli & 1 drop of Patchouli essential oil. Benzoin may be substituted for any of the above essential oils if preferred.

Directions: Apply a small amount to the face & massage in well. Try to do so at least half an hour before bed & tissue off any excess oil to prevent any staining.




Balancing Moisturiser, 30mls – for normal, combination or dry skin (1% facial blend)

Instructions: Combine 25mls of base moisturising cream, 2mls of Argan Oil & 2mls of Carrot Carrier Oil with 3 drops of Geranium, 2 drops of Bergamot & 1 drop of Frankincense essential oils

Directions: Use morning and/or night


Orange & Geranium Body Butter, 100mls – to quench dry skin (2.5% body blend)

Instructions: Combine 80mls of base moisturising lotion, 5mls of Carrot Carrier Oil, 5mls of Jojoba Oil, 5mls of melted Coconut Oil & 5mls of melted Shea Butter with 25 drops of Sweet Orange, 10 drops of Geranium, 10 drops of Bergamot & 5 drops of Patchouli essential oils & mix well.

Directions: Slather on & use as often required


Safety Notes
…Wild Carrot flowers

…Wild Carrot flowers

Staining: Carrot base oil is completely safe oil for external use; however, it’s rich colour can stain both the skin & clothing, so care must be taken when using it – it is best to wait for the oil to completely absorb & use diluted in another carrier oil.

Phototoxicity: Although the citrus essential oils in the Orange & Geranium Body Butter are phototoxic this blend is safe to use – but please maintain the level of Sweet Orange & use FCF Bergamot essential oil. Bergamot is much higher in phototoxic constituents so the safest method is to ensure that you use a FCF (Furanocoumarin-free) Bergamot essential oil from suppliers such as Neal’s Yard Remedies. If you do use expressed Bergamot EO then you must ensure that you avoid any tanning by sunbed or UV sun exposure for 12 hours afterwards.


Recommended Suppliers

G Baldwin & Co, £3.99 for 50mls – £40.35 for 1 litre

Penny Price Aromatherapy, £7.20 for 50mls – £52.00 for 1 litre

Base Formula, £6.50 for 100mls or £20 for 500mls