Mother’s Day – It’s All About….Your Mum!

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Mother’s Day – The Gift of Aromatherapy & Massage


Any day is a good time to appreciate the love, care & attention of mothers– whether this be your own mother, mother-in-law, step-mother, dad-who-does-the-mothering role, relatives & friends who act as your mum, pregnant mother-to-be, or indeed to celebrate being a mum yourself! Massage & aromatherapy are not only completely safe during pregnancy but can also relieve many of the more difficult symptoms.

Mothers Day Tree-Nature To Nurture Aromatherapy & Massage in Hemel & St Albans

So with Mother’s Day in mind please do consider Aromatherapy or Holistic Massage as a gift you can either contact me directly to book a treatment or are welcome to purchase vouchers as the ideal Mother’s Day present. For hard-working & busy mums of all kinds aromatherapy or massage can be what you or they would like it to be – a highly indulgent and pampering treat, something that would never be considered or booked otherwise (how often this is the case with mum’s who put others first!), time out from mental stress, relief from emotional burdens, of great benefit for physical conditions, or just for pure and simple relaxation & revitalisation. There are many essential oils that can be safely used for all stages of life and pregnancy, highly nourishing base oils or we can use no oils at all – you or your mum can choose what you would prefer.


So to celebrate all kinds of mum I would love to offer aromatherapy & massage treatments – please contact me to book in or purchase vouchers as an ideal gift