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Indian Head Massage: Nature To Nurture Techniques

Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage is one of Nature To Nurture’s list of massage treatments, including:

  • Swedish/Classic/Holistic
  • Clinical
  • Soft Tissue
  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Techniques
  • Myofascial Release
  • Pregnancy & Full Abdominal
  • Facial Rejuvenation/Natural Facelift
  • Indian Head Massage & Indian Champissage
What exactly is the difference between all of these massage techniques? How can they help with pain or stiffness? Which one is best for you?

I have decided to compile a series of small articles letting you know about each kind of massage technique & method I have trained in. The sixth of these will be about Indian Head Massage, the more traditional version of which is also known as Indian Champissage.  As usual please click on anything highlighted in green, which will take you to a weblink.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage can be an incredibly relaxing treatment whilst also being extremely simple – you merely need to sit down & enjoy

Indian Head Massage – In A Nutshell

One of the main benefits of Indian Head Massage is it’s ease, simplicity & quickness. You can fit it into half an hour in your lunchbreak – I have even had clients bring their baby along to sleep beside them!

  • Seated treatment: easier for anyone with physical conditions or mobility issues
  • No need to undress: treatment can be given through clothes as there are no oils involved
  • No specialist equipment or oils: you simply need to sit down & relax
  • Can be quick if required: although it can be longer if you prefer, a full Indian Head Massage can take only 20 – 30 minutes
  • Physical treatment: covers upper body – shoulders; upper arms; neck, head, scalp, face
  • Mental treatment: balancing – can stimulate & energize, or deeply relax
  • Energy treatment: can rebalance the flow of energy, promoting feelings of calmness
If you enjoy it, Indian Head Massage can last 45 minutes – 1 hour, but a full treatment can easily be managed in just 20-30 minutes so this is ideal if you don’t have much time, need to fit it in around work, care, children or just fancy a quick treatment at lunchtime to de-stress

Indian Head Massage – In Detail


I trained in Indian Head Massage & the more traditional Indian Champissage at the London Centre for Indian Indian Head MassageChampissage International (LCICI). This is the original treatment as first introduced to the West by Narendra Mehta in 1981. Although many offer training in ‘Indian Head Massage’, they are not the original (& in my opinion the best!) method. LCICI have now copyrighted the term Indian Champissage & strictly enforce that only those of us who have undergone the rigorous training & completed the requisite case studies & exams (for the Diploma) can offer & advertise Indian Champissage as a treatment. If you want to truly experience the original Indian Head Massage then please ensure that your therapist is accredited with LCICI.


Indian Head Massage

Indian Champissage is traditionally passed down the generations as a way of caring & maintaining social bonds

Traditionally head massage in India has a rich and varied heritage & history. Amongst Indian woman it is often passed down the generations as a way of caring & maintaining social bonds, with oils being applied to the scalp & particularly the hair to keep it strong, healthy, luxuriant & lustrous. Amongst men the ‘champi’ (from which we derive the word ‘shampoo’) or head massage is a regular part of grooming at the barbers & is highly stimulating & fast, in order to invigorate and revive.


Areas Covered

Although called a ‘head’ massage the treatment actually covers the whole of the upper body, specifically:

  • upper back
  • upper arms
  • shoulders
  • neck
  • head
  • scalp
  • face


Techniques Used

Indian Head Massage employs a wide range of different but highly effective techniques:

  • Frictiondeep, penetrating strokes in circular movements – these are used particularly throughout the treatment on all areas
  • Petrissagesqueezing and kneading of the muscles – especially used for releasing tension along the tops of the shoulders & neck
  • Tapotement or Percusssion: tapping the muscles with fingers or hands – used on the chest & scalp
  • Effleuragelong, flowing strokes – used throughout the treatment on all areas


Benefits of Indian Head Massage

There are so many! Just a few are listed below but for the full & extensive range please click here

  • Aches: reduction of aches, pains & joint stiffness in the upper body
  • Mobility: increased range of movement
  • Facial Tension: relief of facial/jaw tension
  • Headaches: Relief of migraine, tension & cluster headaches
  • Hair: Increases blood supply & improves circulation to scalp & hair follicles – hair can become more lustrous, rich & shiny with regular treatments
  • Decrease stress: can enter deep states of tranquility & relaxation (I have had clients literally fall fast asleep during treatments). Clients can feel renewed, refreshed & recharged
  • Detox: Aids removal of waste products, excess fluids & toxins
  • Breathing: percussion/tapotement techniques e.g cupping, hacking & champi, can help to clear lungs
  • Sleep: frequently reported better quality & quantity of sleep
  • Energy: designed to work with chakras (subtle energy centres of the body) balancing & aligning them to help restore balance & equilibrium

Indian Head Massage Treatments Offered

Pure Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage can be surprisingly relaxing – I have had clients literally fall fast asleep during a treatment!

Indian Head Massage works effectively as a stand alone treatment & you are welcome to book it as such. With a minimum treatment of just £40 for 30 mins it’s extremely affordable in both time & money.


Indian Head Massage Treatment Course

Although Indian Head Massage is an excellent treatment by itself, the effects are cumulative, so you may prefer a course of treatments – if so, I am happy to give you a very ˜˜special offer!

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 5 treatments get free!


Total Neck & Shoulders Treatment

Many clients choose to combine their Indian Head Massage with a Shoulder & Neck Body Massage. The times can be varied to suit you – the minimum for the both types of massage is 20 mins so for an hour you can opt for 20 mins of one & 40 mins of the other or 30 mins each, or more depending on the total time you purchase – you choose!

  • 60 mins – £60
  • 75 mins – £75
  • 90 mins – £90


Total Head & Face Treatment

Another popular choice is to combine your Indian Head Massage with Facial Rejuvenation for the ultimate in relaxation & revitalisation, soothing your skin, your wrinkles & your worries. The minimum time for a Facial Rejuvenation is 40 mins so again the way you combine your treatments is entirely up to you – you may prefer an hour with 20 mins Indian Head Massage & 40 mins Facial Rejuvenation or a luxurious 90 mins treatment with 45 mins of both. The treatment is up to you & all about you!

  • 60 mins – £60
  • 75 mins – £75
  • 90 mins – £90


One of the main benefits of Indian Head Massage is it’s ease, simplicity & quickness. You can fit it into half an hour in your lunch break – I have even had clients bring their baby along to sleep beside them!


If you have any questions or are interested in booking an Indian Head Massage please contact me