Treatments: It’s All About….Mothers…

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…whoever they might be in your life

happy-mothers-day-massage-specials-300x211Any day is a good time to appreciate the love, care & attention of mothers– whether this be your own mother, mother-in-law, step-mother, dad-who-does-the-mothering role, relatives & friends who act as your mum, pregnant mother-to-be, or indeed to celebrate being a mum yourself!

Something Original For Mothers Everywhere

Aromatherapy & massage can be tailored to whatever is needed:

Oil_Heart-Nature To Nurture Aromatherapy & Massage in Hemel, Herts & Bucks

  • time for mum – something that would never otherwise be considered or booked
    (how often this is the case with mums putting others first?)
  • highly indulgent pampering treat
  • time out from mental stress
  • relief from emotional burdens
  • great benefit for physical conditions
  • pure & simple for relaxation & revitalisation

There are many essential oils that can be safely used for all stages of life & pregnancy, rich base oils, highly nourishing enricher oils or we can use no oils at all – you or your mum can choose what you would prefer.

Beautiful as they are, flowers are not the only gift that you can give 🙂

I can also create a special Mother’s day massage blend or product of your choice: moisturiser, hand cream, body butter, lip balm, or maybe for some real indulgence & food for the skin, my Luxury Facial Oil Serum

Contact me directly to book a treatment or why not buy a voucher as the ideal Mother’s Day present

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