Self Care Online Treatments Available

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Self Care Online Treatments Available
– An Alternative Choice To Hands-On Massage

A self-management approach to persistent musculoskeletal pain can improve peoples’ quality of life, pain levels and the way they use health care resources (DeSilva 2011)

Online Self Care

Online Self Care Therapy in a nutshell

Massage, Covid and Lockdown

I am a positive person and I count my blessings as part of my daily meditation practice. So with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic I did so even more. Indeed, compared to many I have been extremely fortunate.

However, my job is to work primarily with the power of touch. Contact is an essential and integral part of what I do. Due to the Covid Pandemic between March and July hands-on massage has not been legally possible and I have not wanted to treat until it is safe to do so. I feel this strongly as my social responsibility to others.

With no massage my greatest asset – my hands, seemingly became redundant
– but are my hands my only tools?

We always have the choice of how we respond to anything – I can be flexible, adapt & expand
With change I can change – for the positive – and focus on what I can do not on what I cannot

Aromatherapy and Natural Products

I am fortunate to be a professional Aromatherapist. In this I have been able to continue working as such with online and telephone consultations and a range of bespoke Natural Products that I have been offering to clients. This has been a growing part of my business during Lockdown. I have been offering natural remedies to help support everything from Hayfever and Eczema to Arthritis, from soothing anxiety and promoting sleep to moisturising well-washed hands.

Even so, I have naturally missed hands-on Massage Therapy and I am still eager to help my clients. Like many professional massage therapists I have felt frustration when contacted by clients desperate for a massage treatment to help them with pain, stiffness, injury or to have simple relaxation and contact.

The solution is to expand my business online – potentially interested in online sessions?
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Self Care and Wellness Online Therapy Treatments

Covid Lockdown has provided me with an opportunity to take stock of myself and recognise that my hands are not my only tools! I have an extremely wide skillset that is underutilized and that I can use to help you.

I have been positive and productive during this time to up-skill with the largest post-graduate massage school in the country. Recognised internationally as a centre of excellence, Jing Advanced Massage Training offer the UK’s only degree level massage course, as well as a wealth of professional hands-on and on-line massage training.

Jing Advanced Massage Training is the largest postgraduate massage training school in the UK, and have designed and offered the only degree-level massage course

I joined Jing’s Online self care therapist advanced CPD & mentoring course. I am currently attending continuous online and CPD training. Together with my years of experience and knowledge I have been busy building a portfolio of professional self-care and wellness techniques to guide, support and help you as an alternative to run alongside traditional hands-on massage. This allows me to offer much greater flexibility with the care I can provide you.

If I can’t see you in person, whether because of location, shielding or a personal preference not to have a hands-on massage during the Covid pandemic, I can offer Self Care and Wellness treatments I will be using The Jing Method – a unique outcome based system for addressing chronic musculoskeletal pain through a tried and tested fusion of advanced soft tissue and massage techniques, which I will shortly also be offering for Hands-On treatments. With these I can use my experience and knowledge online to help you wherever you are. As well as offering a practical alternative for an uncertain future, especially with possible Covid lockdowns or quarantine, it also expands my practice allowing me to help anyone, anywhere.

Why Choose Self Care Therapy?

I aim to improve your situation. To help you with whatever your issue is – reduce your pain, improve your range of motion, decrease your headaches, improve your sleep, reduce your anxiety or help to heal your injury; I have a wide range of experience

Many issues take months or even years to build up and so at least 6 weekly treatments are required to make headway and may even resolve the issue, but improvements can usually be seen after 3 weeks

If you are unsure why not book in for an initial 3 weeks, then discuss if you would like to finish the course. Self Care is empowering and I am sure you will want to continue

Once completed we can formulate a tailor-made plan to maintain your results or you are welcome to book in for maintenance treatments or to look into another issue

It Works!

The simple and best reason to try something. Medical research has demonstrated that having a self-responsible approach & developing a daily habit of treatment improves your outcomes. However, research also shows that up to 70% of physiotherapy patients don’t do their exercises or let it quickly slide, even when they acknowledge that it helps. The Self Care and Wellness treatments form a habitual daily practice, allowing us to work together. With my knowledge, support, motivation and encouragement your weekly session allows you to  improve your health and well-being in a positive way.



Self care is empowering – it allows you to proactively take control of your issue
Lockdown and the Covid situation has changed all of our lives, many aspects of which we cannot control. It has affected both physical and mental health. Feedback from current clients reveal that they found the online contact in itself highly beneficial, especially those shielding or vulnerable. Simply choosing to to do something, talking and relaxing has made many feel more positive about their situation. That’s even before they see the amazing and effective benefits of the treatment techniques.

Proactive self management approach for chronic conditions including musculoskeletal pain and arthritis has positive results, with participants reporting improvements in pain symptoms, confidence to manage their pain, health status, anxiety and depression (Bourne 2012)

Who Can I Help?

The advantage of online or phone treatments is that I can offer my help to virtually anyone in a variety of situations, whether you’re struggling with a poor desk set-up working from home, injured whilst away or affected by Covid or its Restrictions, including those:

  • shielding
  • vulnerable
  • elderly
  • distant locations
  • prefer not to have a hands-on massage treatment


self care

What Can I Help With?

I currently treat a wide range of issues and most of these can also be addressed online. Contact me to discuss if an Online session would be suitable for you.

Examples include:

  • muscular aches and stiffness – for example, neck and shoulder, lower back pain
  • chronic and acute pain
  • injury
  • tension headaches, jaw/facial pain and tension
  • chronic fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia
  • stress, anxiety, panic attacks
  • insomnia, nightmare and sleep issues
  • lockdown related issues – working from home, lack of exercise or lockdown exercise injury
  • specific conditions – for example; plantar fasciitis, tenosynovitis 
  • lifestyle advice: circadian rhythms, dietary advice, exercise, sleep, caffeine, alcohol

Bespoke Online Treatment Package: individual consultation, detailed research, on-going personalised treatment plan & follow-up treatments where I coach you in one-to-one sessions

Online Self Care Treatment Package – How Does It Work?

I aim to improve your issue in a 6 week online treatment course. Issues often take months or even years to develop and require more than 1 or 2 sessions to resolve, especially with pain management

  • Bespoke Package: individual consultation, detailed research, on-going personalised treatment plan & follow-up treatments where I coach you in one-to-one sessions
  • Initial Consultation: update your medical history, benchmark, discuss and set treatment objectives  
  • Follow-Up Treatments: one-to-one weekly sessions for 6 weeks
  • Improvement: are usually seen by Session 3 if not before
  • Unsure? Many people are still getting used to doing things online. You can book in for an initial 3 week period & discuss further at that point. I am confident that you will want to continue the course  

Treatments are given via online video call: my preference is Zoom, but I can also offer Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype. I will carry out diligent research, design an individual treatment plan based on a realistic idea of how much time you have a day (anything from 5 – 30 minutes) and email your personalised Self Care Routine for you to start your daily treatment plan.


Online is the preferred method as the video link allows me to demonstrate techniques and teach you methods of Self Care, as well as record them for you to view whenever you need to. I’m happy to help you set-up and walk you through the online process, which is designed to be easy to use.

However, if you have no access to this, or if you’re really not comfortable with online technology then I am happy to consult and treat you over the landline or mobile telephone. I can then post or deliver your personalised Self Care Routine.

Initial Consultation

If you are a new client a full medical history and consultation is carried as usual at the first session. If you are an existing client then I will update your current consultation with anything new. We will then discuss your specific treatment objective, benchmarking your current situation and setting realistic outcomes. We can also talk about what treatment techniques might be appropriate and you would be comfortable using, and a realistic time-frame for a daily routine

self care

I will design a Self Care Plan tailor-made to your needs

Follow-Up Treatments – Weeks 1-6

I will design a personalised Self Care Routine and Treatment Plan uniquely for you. This will include any suggestions for natural products as well and can adapt as required. We will go through my suggested Self Care methods during each session. I’m available to support you all the way: any queries or questions, demonstrating, watching and advising you to make sure that you can carry out each technique safely and comfortably.

What Self Care Techniques Do You Use?


These treatments are all about flexibility. Depending on what works for you, how you respond and any constraints I will adjust your Self Care Routine. Although it can be helpful if you have equipment – spiky massage balls, wheatie bags etc and I can advise you about buying these, no specialist equipment is required. I can make practical suggestions using ordinary things around the house – there are always solutions to help you

What Is The Price?

Online Self Care offers incredible value during what may be a difficult time due to Covid –
half the price of my hands-on treatments
although you are getting the same time, knowledge & expertise in an amazing personalised package!

Initial Consultation (45-60 minutes):     £40
Follow-Up Treatments (45 minutes):     £30
Longer appointments are available on request


Covid/Low Income

I work with my hands, head and heart. What makes me different as a therapist is my holistic and compassionate approach, so although I do need to make a living I understand that the current times may be difficult for you. If you have been financially affected by Covid with low/no income, I am happy to discuss the possibility of taking a reduced fee or donation

I still want do my best, ease people’s lives and help people. However, Covid has changed everything, especially for those in contact work, so I need to change, adapt and enhance my business to keep you, your loved ones, me and my loved ones as safe as possible

So What About Hands-On Massage?

Rest assured that Massage Therapy is still my passion, so I aim to be offering hands-on treatments from mid-August onwards. I don’t want to abandon you. I still want do my best, ease people’s lives and help people. However, Covid has changed everything, so I need to change, adapt and enhance my business to keep you, your loved ones, me and my loved ones as safe as possible. I have been following all new developments, professional safety guidelines and regulations. I have carried out full risk assessments to put in place rigorous measures to ensure your health and safety. However, we are being advised that, as contact professions, we will need to keep client contact to a minimum. For this reason consultations and treatments will be online as much as possible.

Do you have questions? Are you interested in online sessions?

Contact Me to find out more