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Pre-Christmas Pamper & Craft Party Fun

Private booking, Stotfold, Saturday 29th November 2014

Little did I know when I offered treatments to colleagues at the Verulam Clinic that I would end up with my very first private party booking! My offer was taken up by the lovely Donna, a sonographer with the clinic. She loved her aromatherapy massage and afterwards she asked if I would be available to offer treatments for a few girlfriends who were popping over for a pre-Christmas drinks evening at her house – maybe it could become a pamper party?

That, at least, is how it started. Wind forward a few weeks and Donna, hostess with the mostess extraordinaire, texted to say that she now had at least 10 ladies coming for food and drink, and to look at some hand-made cards and chocolates – would I be interested in offering to make products as well? A few weeks more and it had somehow morphed it into what is possibly the first Stotfold Christmas Pamper & Craft party with handmade toiletries (me!), chutneys & jams, linens, woollens, sweets, cakes, jewellery, furniture, cards, food and drink and over 30 people attending!

The night went brilliantly – lots of fun, festivity, food, frolics, laughter and wine mixed with Christmas purchasing, although to be quite honest I did miss most of it as I had a permanent queue of massage bookings (and from the point of view of my purse strings, this may have been no bad thing as there was a lot to be tempted by!)

I wasn’t sure how popular massage would be at this kind of party, but from the very start I was fully-booked with people for either arm and hand, or Indian Head massage; all seemed to love their TLC treatments and had many questions about my practice and queries about health and injuries. I had plain oil in case of allergic reactions, but everyone opted for Aromatherapy. Interestingly, at the GOSHCC charity event most people were going for a more feminine blend of Rose Absolute, Cardamom & Patchouli, but this evening 100% went for my blend of Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Juniperberry & Frankincense – perhaps due to the more Christmassy scents?

My bespoke hand-made products for individual treatments also sold excellently:

  • Luxury Facial oil
  • Luxury anti-ageing moisturiser for dry skin
  • Pore-tightening moisturiser for normal skin
  • Balancing moisturiser for problem skin
  • Organic Lavender bath salts
  • Citrus body scrub
  • Exotic body butter
  • Cedarwood & Rosemary hair balm
  • Calming Orange & Geranium hand cream
  • Balancing Bergamot & Patchouli hand cream
  • Mandarin Lip Balm

and I now just have to find the time to make and fill all the orders – although I am always happy to take more in time for Christmas!

Finally, this may not be an entirely appropriate image to place with an article on massage but special mention must be made of Donna’s delicious home-made Raspberry Vodka which I enjoyed after the massages – finally finishing half an hour late and sadly having to turn some people away – my idea of a really successful and fun night’s work.

Raspberry Vodka- Nature To Nurture Aromatherapy & Massage in Hemel & St Albans

I absolutely loved participating in the Pamper Party – if you would ever like to book me for such events please get in touch via my Contacts page