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Nature To Nurture on Retreat

La Serrania, Pollensa, Mallorca
Saturday 9th – 16th May 2015
The infinity pool looking across the mountains

The infinity pool looking across the mountains at the retreat centre



Ah yes, there are definite advantages to my career as a massage therapist – and working holidays in a peaceful retreat centre set in stunningly beautiful landscape with yoga, rest and relaxation attached is certainly one of them! Nature To Nurture is only too happy to report that I will be the on-site massage therapist at a private Yoga Retreat this coming week.




My favourite Wisteria in full bloom at La Serrania

My favourite Wisteria in full bloom at La Serrania Retreat

I have been practising Hatha Yoga on and off now for some 15 years, and a few years ago I was very fortunate to start classes with the highly talented teacher and practitioner Melanie Herbert. Even though my Aromatherapy Massage mock exams were looming, when Melanie offered her students the opportunity to have a week’s retreat focussing on Hatha Yoga I just couldn’t resist….and ok, so maybe the location in the mountains of Mallorca might have helped! Even so I must admit I was truly blown away by the location for the retreat and had an unforgettable time with some lovely people who are now my friends. Three years later and Melanie asked me once again if I would like to join her on retreat – but this time as the official massage therapist. It honestly seems like not so long ago that I was the one having a massage there, and now I will be the practitioner. I feel very privileged to have an opportunity to practise in such an environment.




Think of Mallorca and you perhaps picture beaches or nights dancing in clubs. La Serrania is set well apart from this image and is firmly a part of another world, one rooted deep in the ancient Mallorcan countryside. The very surroundings feel imbued with a natural peace and the ageless atmosphere that belongs to certain landscapes.




Calm and peaceful reflections

Calm and peaceful reflection

Meditation and calm reflection become easy when sitting on the terrace watching the insects flit between the myriad of flowers or watching the sun rise or dip below the mountains that surround you. At the back of the villa there is a rugged and truly breathtaking landscape that has to be experienced, walked and breathed in to be truly appreciated and understood.

The villa itself is large, comfortable and perfectly appointed for retreats. ‘Featured in Condé Nast Traveller, Harpers & Queen and Habitania, La Serranía was designed with great sensitivity to the environment and exquisite attention to detail.’ Comfy chairs and cushions, a huge room for Yoga practice with a view over the gardens and mountains, meditation room, bespoke massage room (yay!), garden, terrace and infinity pool – bliss!


La Serrania 8

Lavender abounds in the gardens, perfect for natural Aromatherapy…. 



Nature To Nurture will be happily providing my usual combination of Aromatherapy with a variety of treatments:

  •  Aromatherapy Advice and blending
  • Hand-made products to try for treatment
  • Back, Neck and Shoulders massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Back, Arms and Hands massage
  • Full Aromatherapy Facial with cleanse, tone, exfoliate, facial massage, mask and moisturise




The gardens are filled with flowers and plants

So my days will begin with a refreshing Hatha Yoga class in the morning, followed by a bountiful breakfast on the terrace bathed in morning sunshine, morning meditation, yet more luscious lunch, relaxation in the pool or gardens, an afternoon with a different focussed Yoga workshop, and yet more relaxation in the evening with a delicious dinner (the retreat centre has specialized in cooking courses so the food is not only nutritious and plentiful but mouth-wateringly good!). Of course with my fellow retreaters needing some stretching, pampering and relaxation I will need to find some time for treatments in between…..can’t wait!

Please click for more information on workshops & retreats at La Serrania, based near Pollensa in Mallorca


Nature To Nurture is always happy to consider offering Aromatherapy, Massage and their historical usage for all types of occasion:  retreats, festivals, museum & cultural days, fairs, charity, sponsored and any other events you can think of – please feel free to contact me.
La Serrania 5

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