Events: ‘Create Your Own’ – Getting Creative with Neal’s Yard Remedies

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Neals Yard - Nature to Nurture


Another summer event saw me get my creative juices flowing at Neal’s Yard Remedies in St. Albans – gainfully assisted by some delicious (and yet somehow healthy!) superfood fruit juices and home-made chocolate. No, really, maker of the chocolate (and assistant manager of the store) Holly, swore it was healthy – pure dark chocolate with Chia seeds, Goji berries, Hemp seeds and Maca Powder – scrumptious!

The juice and chocolate was duly served out to six lucky participants after hours in the sumptuously fragrant store, surrounded by heavenly oils and tempting organic products. Looking after them and ready to advise were myself, experienced therapist Jennifer McAdams, said supercook and NYR officiando Holly, and knowledgeable NYR sales assistant Reema.


The evening began with some thoughts on scents and perfume blending, before our imaginations and essential oil bottles were let loose creating individual blends for use in products – the first being a massage oil to be used in a 20-minute luxury massage treatment of choice. Everyone interspersed these treatments with making further products – a bath/shower gel and body lotion, before Reema demonstrated how to make a highly moisturizing lip balm. Finally, things were rounded off with yet more chocolate (of course! 😉 and plenty of Neal’s Yard trial-size goodies and product-making recipes, whilst a 20% discount on everything in the store was happily taken up. The verdict was a unanimous thumbs-up and request for more such evening events – watch this space and my Facebook page for the next one soon!