Covid-19 Update

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Covid-19: Update & Advice

Hello everyone,
In these difficult times I realise that you may well be worried about Covid-19. This is commonly being called Coronavirus, but as this actually refers to a group of viruses, I will use the specific name of Covid-19, you may also hear it called SARS-CoV-2.

We find ourselves in a challenging situation that is changing on a daily basis and I hope that we can support each other as much as possible. To reassure you, I am keeping up to date with guidelines issued by the British Government, NHS, Public Health England, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and the World Health Organisation to minimise the risk of contagion in my massage and aromatherapy practice and to fulfil my duty of care towards yourself and other clients. My main aim is always to care for your welfare as best as I can. Clearly we need to follow advice as far as possible, but we also have to continue with our daily lives and healthcare.

 Guidelines and Advice

In order to help, I ask that you follow these guidelines: –

  1. The key symptoms of Covid-19 are a cough, shortness of breath and a raised temperature or fever. If you feel unwell with these symptoms, please postpone your appointment. Current Government advice is then to self-isolate for 7 days if you live alone or 14 days in a household. Even if you feel certain that you have not contracted Covid-19 please adhere to this request until your temperature has returned to normal or until your GP or other medic have advised that you are no longer at risk. Some of my clients are considered to be at high risk of catching infections, so thank you for understanding and adhering to this request.
  1. If you have recently returned from aboard, or from an area considered at high risk in the UK, please read the NHS guidelines and only attend appointments if you are considered safe to do so, in accordance with the current NHS and government advice.
  1. If you think might you have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19 please postpone your appointment and phone NHS 111, even if you do not feel ill. We recommend that everyone stays up to date with NHS advice, even if you have not travelled recently.

Guidance For Pregnant Clients

Fortunately, the risks for pregnant clients do not seem as high as for other groups, but I keep up-to-date with the latest guidance, please see below for your own information:

Minimising My Risks

I am currently doing all that I can to minimise my risk of infection, by isolating myself as much as possible:

  • I have stopped travelling into London
  • I have suspended my voluntary work
  • I am making no unnecessary trips anywhere in order to prioritise clients – fortunately my groceries are already all delivered
  • I am not attending any events or gatherings
  • I have cancelled all trips & holidays
  • My work is all one-to-one & is not with groups
  • I follow the British Government guidelines for health professionals regarding COVID-19 and will, of course, self-isolate and inform you if I do display any symptoms

Your Treatment Room & Public Spaces

Covid-19 is a Coronavirus, as is the common cold and influenza, and is spread in the same way through droplets of body fluids, usually when coughing or sneezing. There is a risk of contracting Covid-19 through touching contaminated surfaces.
For that reason I regularly wipe down all hard surfaces including door handles, chairs and my massage couch in the treatment room, and all door handles, handrails and areas of the bathroom or public spaces that clients have touched, after each client.
I have provided cleansing hand gel in the kitchen and invite you to use that on arrival, or wash your hands with the liquid soap provided by the hand basin in the bathroom before entering the treatment space.
I already wash my hands for each treatment, wash couch covers and massage laundry and provide disposable face cradle covers.


Although it is quite natural to feel stress at the current situation, panicking won’t help, but supporting each other can. I truly hope that kindness and humanity will shine through and ask all of my vulnerable or struggling clients to please let me know if I can help or support in any way such as picking up medication or shopping for you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and please do take very good care of yourselves.