Covid Update

Coronavirus Covid-19 – Suspending Massage Treatments

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Nature To Nurture – Hope To Be Back Soon!

I do hope that you & your loved ones are safe & well. I am very much thinking about all those affected by the current pandemic every day. As with so many who work face-to-face & have prolonged contact with people, under the current Covid-19 Government legislation it is currently illegal to give massage treatments & all public liability insurance has been suspended. I stopped seeing clients for Massage Treatments in March accordingly.



Please rest assured that I am keeping up-to-date with all current legislation around requirements & risk assessments when I am able to work hands-on again & will advise you about the new procedures. It will be, of necessity, a different experience to before, but I am keen to still be able to help you to the very best of my abilities.

From my personal point of view supporting you & helping you I look forward to treating you again. I absolutely love my job & don’t want to stop giving hands-on treatments. However, it’s not about me, it’s all about you, everyone else & my social responsibility not to spread infection. Neither of us may be displaying symptoms & as Covid-19 is asymptomatic for up 35% of those infected & has an incubation period of 14 days either of us could be infected & not know it.

Other Business – Ways I Can Still Help!

  • Most importantly my Aromatherapy, Natural Products, Online & Telephone Consultancy are still available for anyone missing their essential oil TLC
  • Excitingly I am also in the process of transitioning my massage business online to offer self care therapy for you in your own home – teaching you techniques such as
    • myofascial stretching
    • self-massage
    • hot & cold therapy
    • acupressure points
    • trigger point release
    • breathing & meditation techniques

Using these techniques taught via Jing Advanced Massage Training – the largest postgraduate massage school in the UK & one of the most reputable as it offers the only degree level course in massage therapy,  I can help bring you relief from chronic pain & help improve your mental & emotional well-being

In the meantime I will also continue to post regularly on my social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google & LinkedIn) about ways to support you as best I can so that:

  • Your muscles & physical health don’t suffer too badly from their lack of massage & Aromatherapy TLC
  • To help your mental health & well-being at a difficult & challenging time
  • Hints & tips relevant to the current situation

Thanks & Gratitude

I would like to take this opportunity to send a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all my clients for your support until now & in particular to all those clients who have made donations & offered to pay for treatments they have not had in order to support me & keep me going at a time of zero income. As a self-employed low income business I am relieved to say that I qualify for Universal Credit & the Self-Employment Income Scheme.


If you do feel in need of any support, or are simply feeling lonely, anxious or concerned please do get in touch. We may be separated but we can all work together to look after each other as humans ?
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It’s hard to say how things will be in the future; however, please rest assured that I will reopen for Treatments as soon as it is deemed safe to do so