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massage techniques

Massage Techniques – The Healing Power of Touch

I am a great believer in the healing & comforting power of massage techniques and touch. There are numerous medical studies and research projects on its importance available on the internet and in research journals. Touch is known to play a vital role in a babies ability to thrive and survive, positive touch can help adults to reduce stress levels and provide what may be the only human contact for many people, helping to give comfort, as well as relief from many physical conditions.

Massage Techniques & Treatments

I offer a wide variety of different massage treatments and techniques. I am fully qualified to ITEC Level 6, am a full member of the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) and hold full professional and public liability insurance in Aromatherapy and many forms of massage techniques:

Massage & the Modern Lifestyle: the alleviation of stress & aching muscles

How familiar is the picture below? Whether at work or retired many of us now spend increasing amounts of time at a computer, hunched over a desk, resulting in an increase in the number of back, neck and shoulder issues. Massage tones and eases tight muscles, improves the circulation of blood and lymph, aids toxin elimination – and it feels wonderful! This ‘feel good factor’ is one of the reasons it can be so powerful in also alleviating stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Massage

Amongst the many recognized benefits massage can help to:

massage techniques

  • Reduce muscular aches & pain
  • Release muscle tension & stiffness
  • Loosen tendons & ligaments
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Improve mobility & flexibility
  • Increase suppleness of joints
  • Increase blood flow: this can improve circulation, reduce inflammation & improve the function of internal organs
  • Increase lymphatic flow & the removal of waste and toxins
  • Aid digestion: massage may help with conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome & bloating
  • Aid nasal & respiratory conditions
I can offer all massage as either Aromatherapy (with essential oils) or Holistic (with plain carrier oils or dry) using a variety of techniques

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy differs from other massage treatments by using a specifically tailored blend of essential oils to fully benefit from their therapeutic properties, which are absorbed directly through the skin and the taken into the body through the skin, nasal system and lungs. These benefits can be physical, based on their chemical properties, or psychological, based on how they make you feel, to enhance and benefit both physical and emotional well-being.

massage techniquesAromatherapy massage can help to alleviate stress, release tension and eliminate toxins held in the body. It can induce states of deep relaxation, increase well-being, or renewed energy and vigour. I currently blend using over 100 essential oils; this allows a great diversity of different support options for various physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Specific essential oils can also be used to help with particular ailments including muscle aches, skin problems, indigestion, asthma, insomnia, anxiety and depression, to name but a few. I hope that seeing me may give you the opportunity to discuss any condition with a professional who has years of training and experience.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage employs the same techniques but is practised either without oils at all, or with plain carrier oils without essential oils added. As with Aromatherapy it is designed to treat the client holistically – as a whole, both physically and mentally.

massage techniques


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