Events: The Eye of RA – Midsummer Festival

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Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology & University College London (UCL)

Saturday 22nd June 2013, 1-4pm

(Petrie Museum & UCL official press and marketing release)

‘Let Gaggle exorcise your demons as the mighty all-women alternative choir transforms itself into the daughters of the sun god Ra. Unmoor yourself from the now as artists Russell Jones and Zitrone spin sonic time experiments. Fend off misfortune by making amulets and sporting green eye make up. Anoint yourself with sacred Egyptian oils with archaeologist and aromatherapist Sian O’Flynn. Make offerings to the infinite waters of Nun by supping black cocktails.

This midsummer rite on UCL’s nearby Wilkins roof garden is part of Petrie Museum’s programme for its ‘Timekeeper’ installation by Cathy Haynes. The event is a deeply anachronistic take on the ancient Egyptian rites that took place in the spare days between each of its calendar years: an uncertain disordered gap in time when the Eye of Ra & his daughter could bring you peace or plague.’