Deep Tranquility Treatments

Tranquility, Deep Peace & Rest

Nurturing Hot Stones Massage

Lose yourself in 90 minutes of deep peace & sheer tranquility whilst hot stones soothe your senses, release and calm your muscles


A super indulgent 90 minute Bliss Bomb of relaxation. I use smooth, natural, volcanic hot stones all over the body. Your body will love this heat, feel held, nurtured and supported. Able to quickly soften and let go of whatever pain, stress or tension it may be holding on to. 

During this truly awesome hot stone massage, I treat the entire length of the body, from the feet right up to the fingertips, tucking teeny tiny stones in between the toes, under the tummy and at the base on the neck. They nestle perfectly in my hands, so much so that it may be hard to notice when I’m using my hands or the stones. You will be floating on air I promise.

This Bliss Bomb of relaxation finishes with a grounding, soothing cool stone facial massage to bring you back to earth as beautiful closure to this amazing treatment.

New clients should allow up to 2 hours as a free 30 minutes consultation is included in your first treatment