Light: Sleep Advice During Covid-19

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Sleep – Things You Can Do To Improve It Sleep Zzzzz   We all want to be like this….         but often clients tell me that they’re more like this….   If you know why things work the way they do, you can see if your habits might be making things worse Amongst both clients and in …

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Health: Mesothelioma, Aromatherapy & Oncology Massage

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Using Aromatherapy & Oncology Massage To Support Mesothelioma Cancer Patients Patients with a rare form of cancer are using oncology massage & aromatherapy to support traditional medical treatment. I was recently contacted by Virgil Anderson, who lives in America, but had been following my blog postings. After his diagnosis of Mesothelioma, he has been blogging about the use of Massage & Aromatherapy …

Products & Information: Coconut Drench Cream

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Move Over Bounty – Rich & Creamy Coconut Goodness My nutrient rich, skin softening Coconut Drench Cream isn’t just good for hands, but also elbows, knees, feet, cracked & dry skin days! In my Natural Products range I make various hand & body creams to order for clients dependant on their needs & personal preference, but as it doesn’t produce an …