Case Studies For Clinical Massage – Can We Help Each Other?

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Case Studies: Would You Like To Decrease Your Pain, Increase Your Mobility? Do You Have An Injury or Condition? Acute or Chronic Pain?

Jing Method Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy
Case Studies

Heat & Cold, Fascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Stretching & Self Care are all crucial parts of the Jing Method Clinical Massage protocols

Case Studies: back in June I contacted a number of regular clients to ask if they would be interested in becoming case studies for me with astonishing results. Now I am throwing open the opportunity for everyone!

The Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage (ACMT) is an amazing and proven multi-disciplinary approach for treating acute and chronic pain. Using a fusion of different soft tissue and massage techniques I aim to reduce your pain, increase your mobility and achieve benchmarks which we discuss at the start of your treatment.

Do have a look on my website for more information: Jing Method™ ACMT – although all you need to know about becoming a Case Study are in leaflet below. Please do have a read of this and these incredible testimonials to see if you can benefit as my other clients have – and all for a massively discounted case study rate!

I’d soldiered on for 9 months through Covid with a back that kept giving way and caused a lot of pain to walk….After the 6 weeks I truly felt healed, my expectations were exceeded, I’m nearly 8 weeks post treatment, my back feels healthy and strong, I’m still pain free in my back and can go back to my usual activities.

Sian really is a unique practitioner, she absolutely cares for her clients, she goes above and beyond to help and tailors the treatment to you. She always made me feel welcome, cared for and nurtured.

I can’t see me ever choosing to see another practitioner.
Ashleigh Stevens

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

I have been having massages with Sian for a couple of years now and was interested when she mentioned her new course as a way of reducing my back and hip pain. Now I have completed the six weeks I am pain free, feel much more confident with movement and have a self care document to assist me when/if I get any twinges.

I was a bit sceptical at the start, but decided I had nothing to lose and am so glad I made the decision. As always, Sian was extremely professional, spent a lot of time both on the treatment and the self care exercises at the end to ensure I knew what I was doing. She was very thorough and we soon discovered my ‘back problem’ actually was more a ‘hip problem’ which enabled her to work on the right area, leaving me to learn how to move freely and without any pain.

I would certainly recommend her to anyone in pain.
Lorraine Ellis

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