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Facial Rejuvenation Massage

Aromatherapy - Nature to Nurture - Aromatherapy Massage in Hemel & St AlbansFacial Rejuvenation massage is a highly popular and sought-after treatment, and can be used clinically to release facial, scalp and neck strain, and relieve tension headaches. It is also seen as an amazing beauty and holistic treatment, literally lifting, firming and smoothing the skin to minimise lines and wrinkles, but in a completely natural way.

‘I was not expecting it to be so relaxing, far more so than any other kind of massage I’ve had – it’s almost like a kind of meditation. Also no more facial tension and jaw pain – it’s amazing!’ (J.M)

Treatment incorporates the activation of specific acupressure points and friction movements to detect areas of tension and to encourage letting go of habitual facial expressions. Although the treatment can be used as a natural beauty treatment many clients also opt for Facial Rejuvenation as a very effective way to release facial and neck tension, particularly if this leads to jaw pain and tension headaches or migraines. The treatment is incredibly relaxing (many clients fall asleep) and the areas of focus are the muscles of the face, neck and scalp that can naturally become tight, particularly when due to stress: at the jaw (Temporomandibular Jawbone); behind and in front of the ears (Masseter); temples (Temporalis); sides & front of the neck (Sternocleidomastoid & Scalenes) & back of scalp (Occipitals)

‘I had no expectations but have been pleasantly surprised to find it so effective. My face feels more energized, fresher with less lines. I feel really calm, always sleep better and more able to think clearly.’ (J.G, aromatherapist & massage therapist)

Ayurvedic smoothing techniques are employed to desquamate and ‘iron out’ fine lines and wrinkles. Deeper techniques release restrictions in the connective tissue of the dermis and lift the underlying facial muscles. Circulation and elimination are improved and tissues become more mobile. The treatment finishes with lymphatic drainage, scalp massage and grounding techniques.

‘I love it, I love every minute of it. After the treatments everything feels much firmer – it’s like my face has had a workout of the muscles.’ (C.W)
14. Jo Before pre-massage crop

Client before 6-week Facial Rejuvenation Massage treatment session

Client after 6-week Facial Rejuvenation Massage treatment sessions. The forehead, brow & smile furrows are smoother & skin firmer, lifted & more refined.











‘I would definitely recommend this treatment to others because it definitely works! My face feels and looks rejuvenated, my skin glows after treatment, the skin around my eyes looks tighter and my forehead wrinkles are so much smoother. Best of all my tension headaches have gone.’ (K.O)

Although a difference can be seen after just one treatment, the effects are cumulative and work best over a course of six weeks, followed by monthly maintenance treatments. Please see these before and after photographs of my client for yourself above.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Course – Book & Get One Treatment Free!

6 week course £275

  • 60 minute Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 1 per week

Total Head, Neck & Shoulders Treatment

Amazing results with a focussed no oils massage on the face and neck - excellent for those with sensitive skin

Amazing results with a focussed no oils massage on the face and neck – excellent for those with sensitive skin

Your choice of a combination Shoulders, Neck & Head massage (30-45 minutes) followed by a Facial Rejuvenation treatment (45-60 minutes)

  • 75 mins – £ 65
  • 90 mins – £ 80

Facial & Massage Treatment

Your choice of a combination Back, Neck & Shoulders massage (30-45 minutes) followed by a Facial Rejuvenation treatment (45-60 minutes)

  • 75 mins – £ 65
  • 90 mins – £ 80

Organic Aromatherapy Facials

Rose 2This is a beautiful skin treatment, cleansing, soothing, nurturing, nourishing and moisturising. The skin will feel soothed and lifted, whilst you can feel deeply calmed and refreshed, helping to fully-revitalise you. Treatment begins with a free 15 mins skin analysis and consultation to discuss any skin issues and assess your skin type. Using both organic and bespoke, hand-made products with purely natural ingredients treatments are always tailored to your particular needs.

  • The facial comprises: cleanse, tone, exfoliation, full facial massage, mask, neck, shoulder and scalp massage, arm and hand massage and finishes with lymphatic drainage and a full moisturisation.