Clients on Aromatherapy & Massage

‘Mentally and physically I felt cared for. I felt relaxed, chilled and a darn sight better than when I came in. In terms of what I asked for, the massage helped massively, I’ve now got a full range of movement in my shoulder, which I never expected’ (D.M, client recovering from torn ligaments in shoulder)

‘I made it home last night and it was all that I could do to stay awake long enough to clean my teeth. I went straight to sleep and slept through since morning – amazing for me’ (J.M, client suffering with insomnia)

‘Massage worked wonders – although I nearly fell asleep at the time it gave me enough energy and clarity to get me through my studying that night’ (J.F)

‘I woke up for the first time in nearly a month with no headache – bliss!’ (S.M)

‘I felt like me again, whole. Solid, good and a lot stronger and steadier’ (M.F)

‘The blend was just stunning. Once again I felt able to escape the cold world and my troubles for a short time and feel the nurturing effect of the blend. The touch of the massage was so important for me at a time when I was feeling un-loved by myself and others and I really felt the TLC, thank you’ (J.A.M)

‘I felt so much better when I left than when I first arrived’ (D.F)

‘I am so much better and more comfortable now. Thank you, thank you. No need for more Nurofen today!’ (K.O)

‘I finally had more movement in my neck which was fantastic!’ (J.G)

‘The usual excellent massage, thank you. I slept like a log for days afterwards and all my aches and pains from the gym disappeared completely’ (D.M)

‘The regular massage was good at making me have some time for myself. It greatly improved my mood and state of mind’ (T.L)

‘I felt so totally relaxed that I fell asleep – I think that is the best feedback I can give!’ (A.S)

‘The massage made a big difference. The blend definitely improved my mood and continued to calm me when I got home – much to the relief of my family – even my husband noticed the difference!’ (S.J)

‘My head doesn’t ache for the first time in years and I am delighted. I can’t recall feeling this relaxed and tired in a “normal” way for years. Can you move in and do this every night?’ (B.W, client suffers from insomnia and headaches)

‘Spectacular! You’re good at what you do and just having the massage to look forward to every week definitely helped me and my back. The whole experience was a very positive one for me’ (J.F)

‘The blend was lovely, an absolute hug in essential oils and just what I asked for, you really hit the nail on the head with the blend. The massage reminded me of a happy place at a time when I wasn’t happy’ (J.M)

‘The regular massage makes such a difference to my injury, I recovered so much more quickly and was pain-free within a week’ (A.S, client with trapped nerve in lower back)

‘Thanks so much for making my tired old body feel almost young again. I don’t know what you did but I cancelled my appointment with my doctor, my knee feels absolutely fine now, thank you so much (D.M)

‘My work isn’t stressful but my hours are long – and a bit of massage rejuvenation worked a treat! The ambience and oil blend were perfect, it’s the first time in a lot of massage experiences that I have ever been so relaxed’ (I.W)

‘I didn’t feel sure about massage, but I have to say it really does help my leg every time I have it’ (E.F, client recovering from surgery after a fractured hip)

Clients on Natural Products

‘That cream is pretty amazing I have to say. It smells gorgeous, looks lovely and I really think it is doing good. The lines either side of my scar (I had 20 stitches) seem to be disappearing. I noticed a difference within a couple of days. It’s like a magic cream! I had only just started to use antiseptic cream on my scar before but it was still pretty sore and I didn’t think anything else would be able to do anything. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and will be more than happy to have more. I have been using it every evening and reapplying when it dries out – which isn’t often! It has stopped the itching too, it just instantly feels nice.’ (J.S, scar gel – used for a post-operative scar)

‘I am amazed at the difference the moisturiser has made to my skin. I ran out and had to go back to my expensive shop-bought one which was just awful – it really dried my skin, can I have some more please asap?’ (K.O)

‘I am very happy as my scar seems to be disappearing, and it’s itching a lot less than before when I was using an alternative over-the-counter’ (E.F, used for a post-operative scar)

‘I much prefer your moisturiser, my skin feels so much more balanced and the smell is gorgeous’ (T.L)

‘ I love the Orange and Geranium body balm, it really sinks well into my skin, especially the dry patches, but isn’t too greasy on the rest of me’ (A.F)

‘More please! I can’t go back to my old moisturiser anymore, it feels awful in comparison and my skin is definitely not as happy! I wondered why it was disappearing so quickly then discovered my husband has been using it – I think I will have to order some for him now!’ (J.O)

‘The handcream smells amazing, my hands are so much softer and it makes me smile whenever I use it’ (E.W)

The aromastick is so lovely, whenever I get down I can just take a deep breath using it and feel so uplifted’ (S.R)

Clients on Consultancy

‘You have a very real gift, and one that I would be most grateful for. Medical negligence has cost me a lot – physically, and mentally, and I am so grateful for these blends that I can use when in pain, and for the tiredness and depression it brings.’ (L.S)

‘Thank you for taking the time to give me so much advice, you’ve been a star over it’ (V.A)

‘Thank you for being you and being there for me of late. I will never forget your kindness and open heart. You’re a gem’ (S.R)