Products: Soothing Scar Healing Balm

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A Natural Way To Treat Scars I have had a few clients who have suffered with scarring after injuries or operations. At best they are usually prescribed mineral-based creams to assist with the itching & post-operative scarring. Chemically, the molecules in mineral-based creams are too large to sink into the skin, so they can protect wounds & scars by forming a …

Products & Information: Coconut Drench Cream

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Move Over Bounty – Rich & Creamy Coconut Goodness My nutrient rich, skin softening Coconut Drench Cream isn’t just good for hands, but also elbows, knees, feet, cracked & dry skin days! In my Natural Products range I make various hand & body creams to order for clients dependant on their needs & personal preference, but as it doesn’t produce an …

Thyme Glands & The Common Cold

Conditions Part II: The Common Cold & Essential Oils

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The Common Cold, Disease & Inflammation – Essential Oils & Ways To Help Yourself The Positive Snowball Effect Web Links in Cold Blog: please note that you can click on anything marked in bold which will take you to the appropriate internet site. So I start writing a little blog about Golden Milk, it leads to a slightly larger blog …


Conditions Part I: The Common Cold & Natural Remedies

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The Common Cold, Disease & Inflammation – Natural Remedies & Ways To Help Yourself Web Links on Cold Blog: please note that you can click on anything marked in bold which will take you to the appropriate internet site Listen To Your Body – A Lesson Learned! I always count my blessings on a very regular basis for good health …

Golden Milk Common Cold Remedy

Recipes: Golden Milk – try a Turmeric Latte

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Golden Milk Goodness – Healthy & Yummy! Turmeric & Spice Cold Buster, Immunity Booster & Inflammation Soother I have recently been laid low with a summer cold virus – sneezing, coughing, aching muscles & bunged-up sinuses. Although I was careful to get plenty of rest I also like a positive opportunity, so I decided to put my experience to good …

Recipes: Chocoloco-Coconutty Lollipops

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Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Healthy & Low Sugar (& can be Dairy-free) Makes c. 25-30 Chocoloco-Coconutty Lollipops if using an ice-cream scoop & quartering as below I call them Chocoloco-Coconutty Lollipops! Once again I try to create something wheat-free, gluten-free, potentially dairy-free, low sugar & healthy – & it’s also pretty easy! I change them all the time – I like to add extra …

Base Oil Summer 2016: Avocado Oil

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Avocado Base Oil (Persea americana): ‘The Rich One’ Avocado oil is a natural humectant (moisture-retaining), highly nourishing skin oil, packed with vitamins & anti-oxidants The Carrier Oil Obtained from the flesh of the fruit Gorgeous rich green colour – avoid pale, colourless or clear oil as this may indicate it has been bleached or commercially produced. If so it may be …

Indian Head Massage

Treatments: Advanced Diploma Indian Champissage

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Higher Qualification News – Advanced Diploma in Indian Champissage LCICI – London Centre for Indian Champissage International May – August 2016 Indian Head Massage (IHM) is one of my absolute favourite treatments to receive so was naturally the first training I took after qualifying professionally. This initial course at Neal’s Yard Remedies is very highly regarded, but is a slightly …

Events: CPG – Aroma Supergroup Summer Visit

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Chelsea Physic Garden (CPG) Sunday 5th June 2016 Aroma Supergroup For those not in the know I am lucky enough to be treasurer & part of the Aroma Supergroup (we’re not singing our own praises by the way, our tutors called us that :). It’s a support group set up by myself & my fellow Neal’s Yard Remedies Aromatherapy Diploma students after …

Products & Information: A Glossary of Oils

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(An On-going Oils Project!) A Rose By Any Other Name…. There are many terms applied to oils & confused clients often ask me what they mean. What are enrichers, carriers & base oils? What is the difference between an essential oil & an absolute? Refined, raw, virgin, solvent extraction, expressed oils – what do these terms actually mean when you are buying …